Is This Still America?

Obama And Holder

Obama And Holder


Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell

There are no winners in the trial of George Zimmerman. The only question is whether the damage that has been done will be transient or irreparable.

Legally speaking, Zimmerman has won his freedom. But he can still be sued in a civil case, and he will probably never be safe to live his life in peace, as he could have before this case made him the focus of national attention and orchestrated hate.

More important than the fate of George Zimmerman, however, is the fate of the American justice system and of the public’s faith in that system and in their country. People who have increasingly asked during the lawlessness of the Obama administration, “Is this still America?” may feel some measure of relief.

But the very fact that this case was brought in the first place, in the absence of serious evidence — which became ever more painfully obvious as the prosecution strained to try to come up with anything worthy of a murder trial — will be of limited encouragement as to how long this will remain America.

The political perversion of the criminal-justice system began early and at the top, with the president of the United States. Unlike other public officials, who decline to comment on criminal cases that have not yet been tried in court, Barack Obama chose to say, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

It was a clever way to play the race card, as he had done before, when professor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard was arrested.

But it did not stop there. After the local police in Fla., found insufficient evidence to ask for Zimmerman to be prosecuted, the Obama administration sent Justice Department investigators to Sanford, Fla., and also used taxpayers’ money to finance local activists who agitated for Zimmerman to be arrested.

Political intervention did not end with the federal government. The city manager in Sanford intervened to prevent the usual police procedures from being followed.

When the question arose of identifying the voice of whoever was calling for help during the confrontation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, the normal police procedure would have been to let individuals hear the recording separately, rather than have a whole family hear it together.

If you want to get each individual’s honest opinion, you don’t want that opinion to be influenced by others who are present, much less allow a group to coordinate what they are going to say.

When the city manager took this out of the hands of the police and had Trayvon Martin’s family, plus Rachel Jeantel, all hear the recording together, that’s politics, not law.

This was just one of the ways that this case looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Both in the courtroom and in the media, educated and apparently intelligent people repeatedly said things that they seemed sincerely, and even fervently, to believe, but which were unprovable and often even unknowable.

In addition, the testimony of prosecution witness after prosecution witness undermined the prosecution’s own case. Some critics faulted the prosecuting attorneys. But the prosecutors had to work with what they had — and they had no hard evidence that would back up a murder charge or even a manslaughter charge.

You don’t send people to prison on the basis of what other people imagine, or on the basis of media sound bites like “shooting an unarmed child,” when that “child” was beating him bloody.

The jury indicated, early on in their deliberations , that they wanted to compare hard evidence, when they asked for a complete list of the testimony on both sides.

Once the issue boiled down to hard, provable facts, the prosecutors’ loud, histrionic assertions and sweeping innuendoes were just not going to cut it.

Nor was repeatedly calling Zimmerman a liar effective, especially when the prosecution misquoted what Zimmerman said, as an examination of the record would show.

The only real heroes in this trial were the jurors. They showed that this is still America — at least for now — despite politicians who try to cheapen or corrupt the law, as if this were some banana republic. Some are already calling for a federal indictment of George Zimmerman, after he has been acquitted.

Will this still be America then?

— Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. © 2013 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss!

God’s word to Israel through Hosea the prophet was…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Can the lack of knowledge destroy a nation? According to God’s word, ignorance can be destructive. Sometimes ignorance is not bliss, it is destructive. James Moffatt translates Hosea 4:11 like this…This brings a senseless people to their ruin–liquor and lust deprive them of their wits. We live in a nations of witless people. We have forgotten fidelity, kindness, and knowledge of God. Lying is acceptable; in fact it is the norm. Our text books are filled with lies. We still teach evolution when there is not one shred of evidence to support it and all kinds of evidence that dispel it as a liberal myth. The media lies. Dan Rather got exposed for lying to the America public but he is not the only guilty propagandist. When you teach evolution, that we are accidents and no different from the animals then eventually animal behavior will be accepted. What do you do to a lame horse? You put it down. We suck a baby out of a mothers womb and shred the little person to pieces in the process and we call that “Choice”. I don’t think God calls it choice: Hosea’s term was murder and anyway you slice it, abortion is a bloody business. I don’t see a lot of difference between the Israel of Hosea’s day and the America of our day. We are destroying ourselves by our own bad choices.

Deuteronomy 32 is a very interesting chapter. Listen to Moses speaking to the Israelites who had a habit of making bad choices: “But they have acted corruptly toward him; when they act so perversely, are they really his children? They are a deceitful and twisted generation. Is this the way you repay the Lord, you foolish and senseless people?” Then drop down to verse 28-29…“For they are a nation lacking in counsel, And there is no understanding in them. “Would that they were wise, that they understood this, That they would discern their future!

Speaking of ignorance: can you give me one precedent where socialism has worked. It is working to some degree today because 47% of us are working and bearing the burden. In time, that number will shrink. Just a few years ago, it was 51%, now it is 47% and in a few years, it will be 40%. Socialism punishes the working class and over time it will destroy their incentive. The majority of people who voted for Obama want something for nothing. Most of them feel entitled. Many feel that the Government [tax payers] owes them a living. These poor stupid dupes do not have enough intellect or wit to understand that you cannot get something for nothing unless you steal. We do not go to Walmart and just pick up whatever we want and walk out. Hey, I know the Walton’s are filthy rich but that is beside the point: we cannot expect something for nothing. I understand that a lot of wealth in America has not be earned fair and square. Ross the idiot Perot made his millions by being buddies with Congressmen. He got his money from tax payers not for legitimate business. I am sorry folks but any entitlement comes from the pockets of tax payers. They are millions of rich Americans who have prospered from entitlements and its just a legal way to steal from the working class. In the last four years, members of Congress have seen their net worth increase 8% while the working class has seen their decrease 8%. It is simple math. Their 8% increase caused our 8% decrease.

Socialism and math do not geehaw [one of daddy’s words]; in other words, they cannot be reconciled.  For every gift, there must be a giver. If you live on welfare, there has to be some one paying  the taxes to provide that check that comes monthly. I do admit that some of the idiots that voted for Obama understand what I just said but there are some who do not get it. They think that the government is a separate entity which has billions of dollars in assets and if they need more, all they have to do is print it. These ignorant saps are beyond help. They remind me of an old guy who use to sit on the front porch of June’s uncle’s store in Salem. He would argue with anyone who would talk to him. He did not believe that man walked on the moon. He was convinced that the entire thing was a hoax. Folks, you don’t waste time with idiots. You are not going to change their minds. They have too little mind to change. Yet there are millions of people who voted for Obama and they did not know what the hades they were doing. Take the Hispanics for instance. They have cut off their nose to spite their face. I don’t think they are stupid and I know that most of them are hard workers but they are ignorant of what they have done. They will see the light in the next 8 years. They say the year 2020 is the year that our debt sinks us. We’ve been in recession for the last four years and we are headed for depression.  Everything is going to increase except your income.

Obama-Don’t-Care is free! Obama care doesn’t cost anything, right? Give me a break. Everything cost something! The only thing free is Salvation in Christ. Let me rephrase what I just said, “Everything cost someone something!” Obama care will provide health services to the homeless, illegal aliens, drug users, convicts, dead beats and whoever. How is he going to cover the cost? [1] He has already robbed medicare of over 600 billion dollars. Obama care is the first step toward euthanasia. There will be a cut off for medical services. No specific age has been announced but someone has to pay and the older folks are going to be among those who will be sacrificed. [2] Doctors are going to be forced to work without pay. This is not going to be good. Some will retire, others will move to a new environment. The end result will be that we have fewer doctors and the quality of care will go down. The billionaires will not suffer. They will fly to another county and get their care. Folks, this SOMETHING FOR NOTHING IS A MYTH.

Several responsibilites should have never been given to the federal government. Everything that they have dabbled into that was not specified in the constitution, they have filed up. They can’t run the postal system, what makes you think they can provide health care. The federal government has no business in Health, Welfare or Education. These responsibilities were given to the various States but thanks to Mr. Lincoln, the sovereignty of the states has been eradicated. Just as you trace the fall of Judah back to Solomon, we will be able to trace the fall of our Republic back to the first so-called Republican.

We did not lose our sovereignty and our identity because of our vote. The South had nothing to do with Lincoln, we simply got out voted and we had nothing to do with Obama care. We would be far better off today if we did not have to live under the tyranny of the Northeast. They seem determined to force things on us that we do not want. They put evolution in our textbooks and you can find a dozen teachers in Morgan County who are stupid enough to believe evolution yet we have to teach it because it is mandated by the Federal Government. You can only put so much on a wagon or a truck. You can’t just keep piling it on; sooner or later there is going to be a break down. It is simple math.

What do the pictures have in common; A ship, donkeys, a truck and a man? They can all carry only so much. Too much cargo will sink a ship. Too much weight will break the donkey’s back. The truck also has a capacity. You cannot put 40 tons on a 2 ton truck. A man can only bear so much. You cannot keep adding taxes to the working class. We cannot bear the burden. Sooner or later the system will collapse. It is simply math but democrats don’t do math. Math is exact and they are not very exact. They prefer smoke and mirrors. Let it be known: America will pay a high price for her ignorance.