God’s Law Verses Man’s

The day after the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I was reading Ezekiel 20. Ezekiel is a hard read for me and normally, I struggle to make sense of it. I am reading through the Moffatt translation and chapter 20 just happened to be next. As I read, I was appalled, it could be used as a present day commentary on the brutal school massacre. 

The setting of Ezekiel 20 is that of the Elders of Israel asking Ezekiel the Prophet/Priest to consult the LORD in their behalf. The LORD told Ezekiel, “I will not consult them.” The LORD had nothing to say to these rebels. He does give Ezekiel a sermon to preach to them. In this sermon, Ezekiel recounts Israel’s history.

  1. God reveals Himself to them while they are in Egypt.
  2. He saves them from bondage by His mighty power.
  3. He carries them into the wilderness [Sinai] to teach them His law because He does not except the law of Egypt that has been engrained into the minds of the Israelites.
  4. The Israelites rebell against God’s law: one specific law is mentioned four times. The law regarding the sabbath. They treated the LORD’s special day of rest as if it were not important.
  5. God gave them over to their own evil ways and laws.
  6. They get involved in the pagan practice of child sacrifice.
  7. God decrees that He will scatter them all over the world until they learn their lesson [not to worship idols and to respect HIM as the Eternal One]

The Moffatt caught my attention and then I read chapter 20 in the ERV. The basic message of the chapter is this: God’s Law=Life whereas Man’s Law=Death. Man by nature is a rebel and his rebellion against God’s revelation of His person, power and precepts brings about his demise. In other words: God loved Israel and wanted them to have a good life in a good land but they rebelled. The results of their rebellion is a depraved life in a foreign land. God gave them over to their evil ways.

I know that the general public is blaming God for the terrible thing that happened in Connecticut. After all, this happened on His watch. He could have prevented these precious little children from being murdered. What kind of a God does that make Him? Just as the Elders of Israel complained about God, so the American public is complaining about God. This has to be His fault–there can be no other explanation.

Let me aggravate your mind just a little. Would these horrible things be happening had we continued to teach the Ten Commandments in public schools? Why were people so anxious to get every mention of the bible out of the class room? Is it not true that we have attempted to replace God’s law with our own man-made version? Don’t misunderstand what I am saying: I am not saying, “Make all the world Baptist” and use the class room to do it. I am not even saying, “Make all the world Christian” and use the classroom to do it. I am saying that we should continue to teach God’s law in our schools. By taking His law out, we have opened the door for man’s laws and with his law comes death.

Let me give you the same example that Ezekiel used: man will always make laws that are contrary to God’s and these laws will lead to excess and to death. The Israelites rejected the holy law of God which respects human life and they accepted the law of their pagan neighbors which allowed child sacrifice. The Israelites were offering their children to Molech and Chemosh. They were sacrificing their sons and daughters in the fire and God was not pleased with them and scattered them all over the world. 

I want you to understand what I am saying: Roe vs. Wade in 1973 opened the door for the Adam Lanza’s. We have disregarded God’s law and replaced it with an evil man-made law that has reeked with death for four decades and then we wonder why this open violence on children is happening. I will tell you who is responsible for these murders, we, the American people. We who have shunned God’s law and replaced it with our own evil version. We did it to sate our lust but it is a poison apple and yesterday [December 14, 2012], we saw the bitter fruit of our rebellion and lust.

Obama and the libs are going to blame guns but we have had guns for more than three centuries and school shooting did not happen when I was a child. There were plenty of guns in the 1950’s so what is the problem: it is certainly not guns.

  1. First of all, we have accepted a certain amount of violence as OK. There are not many things more violent than an abortion but Obama and the libs are not only OK with abortion, they promote it. If we are going to blame someone, we have to point a finger at Roe vs. Wade, the not so supreme court and all the liberals who made it happen and keep it going.
  2. Next, I would cite lust and greed. These two are behind practically every vice. Abortion is a multi-billion dollar industry but so are the violent video games that children play for hours a day. Why doesn’t Obama and the libs go after VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES. When I was a kid, there were no video games. We did not even have a TV. When we did get a TV, there were no obscene cartoons and there was very little violence on TV. These kids today are raised on this stuff and I am convinced that it has affected their mind. It has desensitized them to reality. There are a world of places we can start in cleaning up this mess without taking guns away from good law abiding people.
  3. Liberals feel but they don’t think: destroying the 2nd amendment will be the final blow to the REPUBLIC. Washington must have some fear of the public. They are tyrannical enough as it is but if they get our guns, there is nothing to stop them from becoming dictators. Liberals are not good with facts and the fact is–THERE ARE EVIL, CRIMINALLY MINDED PEOPLE IN OUR WORLD AND IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. I was gone last night and my wife was home alone. With the recent murder in Winston County, she found some comfort in her 32. Are we going to disarm good people? We may as well put a sign in our yard that says–WELCOME THIEVES, COME ON IN, WE ARE UNARMED. Are you fool enough to believe that guns do not deter domestic crimes? I guarantee you, a thief and a murder thinks twice before they go into a home where there is a man or woman with a loaded gun. If I were a criminal, Dale Marbut and Ken Tapscott would be the last houses I would hit because if I hit them, it would be my last house. They would be calling Jeff Halbrooks or Anna Franklin or both.

So let us grieve with these hurting families. Let us lift them up in prayer. We should be shaken by what has happened but lets not go nuts and do something as stupid as Roe vs. Wade by taking away the right of Americans to own guns. Guns are not the problem. Liberals are a much greater threat than guns. Stupid laws are a much greater problem than guns. Abolish Roe Vs. Wade and get the TEN COMMANDMENTS back in school and see what happens. These ignorant liberals make me want to chew barbed wire. They sit around watching CNN and PMSNBC and play on their I-phones while we work our tail to the bone and pay taxes out the kazoo so they can draw their entitlements and attend all the animal rights protest or burn a candle in front of a prison where they are about to execute a serial killer. It burns my cookies: they defend the rights of cats, dogs, chickens, white mice, spotted owls, polar bears and murders but will not defend the right of an unborn baby. There may be one or two intelligent liberals but I have never met them. As a rule, they are pseudo-intellectuals. That means they think they are smart but they don’t have enough sense to pour urine out of a boot. When a man will fight for the right of a spotted owl but not for a baby, something is bad wrong. The liberals have rebelled against God and He has given them over to their own stupidity.

In Memory of Joe Eaton: May 18,1927–Sept. 18, 2012

Our good friend and mentor Joe Eaton took his departure from this sin cursed world on Tuesday, September 18, about 3:30 in the evening. We were very blessed to spend some time with Joe and his daughters that morning. We went back in the evening and he was gone. Joe fought a good fight, he finished his course and took his flight to glory.  Joe was born May 18, 1927, in Arkansas to Alton H. Eaton and Bonnie L. (Moore) Eaton. Joe was a member of Danville Baptist Church, a long time supporter and friend of the church and my family personally. He was a retired Lt. Commander, for the U.S. Navy. I met Joe in the Spring of 1979. He was a member of DBC when the Bailey family arrived in April. I did not get to know Joe quickly but over time he became a dear friend. Over the course of many years, Joe made more visits with me than any layman that I’ve had the privilege to work with. Joe had the heart of a lion. He was not afraid of anything or any situation. I’ve told a lot of people who I believed that Joe would follow me into a lion’s den. Joe was a preacher’s best friend. He always gave me the benefit of the doubt. Joe had a military background and he understood order and authority. You don’t run into a lot of Baptist who respect the pastor as an authority figure but Joe was different; he had great respect for the office.

Joe not only stood with me on tough issues; he was very generous with me and became a confident and a close friend. Back in the 80’s, he took it upon himself to teach me how to fish. Joe had a lot of patience and we had a lot of good times together. On one occasion, we got in a school of bass right before dark at Guntersville. I think we caught some 70 fish but Joe only kept the big ones. For an hour or so, we were getting a strike with almost every cast. My favorite story was the time we went stripe fishing up West Flint. Joe fixed my rod first. He gave me a black crank bat: I called in a black bomber but I don’t think that is the correct name. Joe told me where to cast and so I started catching fish immediately and Joe is still tieing on his lure. I have four or five fish before Joe makes a cast but I keep catching that they are not hitting Joe’s lure. He had a silver shad. After 30 minutes or so, he stops fishing and goes to looking through his tackle box. He does not have another black bomber. I said, “Joe do you want your lure back?” “No, no,” he said, “You keep it.” He finally found a bait that would work but I had caught 15-20 fish before he caught one. We had to stay all day so he could catch but I beat him like 38-28 or something. I said, “Joe, don’t worry about it, I’m not going to tell anyone.” “Yeah, right, you will not tell them until you see them.” Joe had me pegged.

Joe and I did not agree on everything but we agreed on most things. When it came to politics, we were blood brothers. Everyone knows that I do not have much appreciation for liberals. I don’t watch CNN, CBS, PSMBC or any of the lame stream media outlets. I watch very little FOX.  I don’t like to go into a business and see the TV set on CNN. My doctor always has his lobby TV on FOX and that says a lot about a man or a business. I will give my business to the folks who watch FOX but not even FOX is as conservative as I would like it to be. Joe would lock horns with you over politics. Joe was a history buff. He knew history and he was more knowledgable about former president than myself. I can go back to Ike but that is as far as I go. Joe had studies the lives of all the 20th century presidents. He and I agreed that Carter was the worse until Obama came along. Of course, Slick Willy has the “Most Immoral” president sewed up; no contest. When it comes to incompetence, I think Carter and Obama have Slick Willy beat.