America Rejects Counsel of Pastor

The legacy we leave behind for our children, grandchildren, and this great nation is crucial. As I approach my 94th birthday, I realize this election could be my last. I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel. I urge you to vote for those who protect the sanctity of life and support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Vote for biblical values this November 6, and pray with me that America will remain one nation under God.
                                                                                                                                    ~Billy Graham

 Billy Graham has been silent on politics for over 4 decades. The Nixon fiasco caused him to withdraw from the political arena. His son Franklin has been faithful to renounce atrocities such as abortion but his dad has been silent on volatile issues like the right to life and gay marriage for years. He spoke out this fall but few heeded his warning. America chose a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-Arab president. Dr. Graham’s prayer was that we would not make this fatal mistake. Let me tell you what is really sad: first that no one paid attention to this great man of God and secondly and perhaps more astounding, millions of professing Christians voted for Barrack Insane Obama. I think we have some ignorant people but the greater problem is that we have a mass of people who call themselves Christians and who are not.  Jesus said, Not everyone who says to Me, LORD, LORD, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” It is not God’s will to murder unborn babies and it is not his will for men to marry men or women marry women. Sorry folks there is no debate among true believers. There are only two sides to the abortion and gay marriage issue: the biblical view and the world view. If you are voting with the world instead of the church, I would give serious consideration to your salvation. The Holy Spirit is not going to guide you to vote for abortion, period.

God did not call me to win friends and influence people. I am not the least concerned with the world’s definition of success. The truth is: America has made a horrible mistake. God is just. I find no fault in Him: the fault is in us. We are no longer ONE nation under God. We are going to get exactly what we deserve.

Let me ask you some questions: did you ever dream that America would elect a president that openly supports gay marriage? What is the difference between Gary Harte and Bill Clinton? Time! If Clinton had run for the presidency in the 60 or 70’s, he would have been a laughing stock. America is changing. Our morals are eroding. We are not the same country we were 50 years ago.

When morality goes down, restraint goes up. The more immoral the people, the greater the need for control. When there is a complete breakdown in morality, we put people in prisons. Our immorality is going to cost us our freedom. We are destroying ourselves by our own rebellion.

Numbers don’t lie and that’s why democrats don’t do math: they can’t twist and pervert it. We owe 16 Trillion dollars and most of that is to foreign entities. Our interest payment for the next decade will be 4.2 Trillion dollars and that is if interest rates don’t increase. If interest rates go up, our debt will soar. Let me ask you a personal question: Can you borrow your way out of a financial crisis? Anyone with any degree of intelligence knows the answer. So what good does it do to keep borrowing? It simply delays the inevitable. The democrats do not have a solution: their strategy is to keep borrowing until we hit the wall and then blame it on the Republicans. It will either be Hoover’s fault or Bush.

Entitlements, welfare, and all forms of government dependency will be the death of our economy and our nation. The 47% who actually work and pay taxes are now the minority: this means that the lust and greed of those on the take will finish us off. There are not many Americans who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to clean up this mess and I can assure you that you find very few among those who draw some form of entitlement.

The democrats have America right where they want her, dependent on them. What are they going to do when we hit the wall? They probably have a plan for that as well—do away with the constitution and declare Obama emperor. Desperate people do desperate things. Germans are much more intelligent than Americans and look what happened to them. It could happen here.

In Memory of Joe Hoover

Beloved Baptist minister, Brother Joe Hoover, went to be with the Lord from his home on November 1st, 2012. He was born July 31, 1921 and grew up in Decatur, Alabama. He married the love of his life, Avorine C. Hoover on September 26, 1942 and they were married 67 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days until the Lord called her home.

He served as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army in WWII and received two purple hearts for participating in the Rhineland Campaign in Central Europe and was honorably discharged on December 2, 1945. In October 2009, he was able to go aboard the “Honor Flight” to Washington, D.C. with other veterans to visit the WWII War Memorial. He considered this one of the highpoints of his life.

After returning home from the war, Bro. Joe started working in the monument business and eventually bought Decatur Marble & Granite Works in the early 1950’s. He continued as owner for almost 60 years.

Bro. Joe was licensed to preach at 16th Avenue Baptist Church on August 12, 1959. He was the first pastor of Westmeade Baptist Church and was given the distinction of Pastor Emeritus on October 5, 2008. He pastored four churches and served in the capacity of interim pastor more than 30 times. Brother Joe was an avid golfer until his health declined in mid-June of this year. Even though he was not behind the pulpit, he continued to minister the Gospel until the morning of his passing surrounded by his three daughters. Bro. Joe will be missed greatly by his family and the many lives that were touched by his Christian influence.

Bro. Joe was known and will be remembered for his sense of humor. He always had a new joke and he had a sharp mind giving him the ability to recall each joke perfectly. Joe claimed to be the president of the PGA [Pitiful Golfers Association]. He was also sharp when it came to quoting scripture. He preached here at DBC about 10 years ago. I think he was 82 at the time and he preached on Senior Adult day. As I was closing the service, I made the comment, “I hope I can preach like that when I am 82.” Some smart alec from the sound room hollered, “We just wish you could preach like that now!” That was one of my friends.

My memory is not that good but I want to say that I saw Joe at the pastor’s conference just a few months ago. Personally, I had no idea he was so sick and was shocked when I heard about his promotion.

Joe was our Onesiphorus, he often refreshed us with his enthusiasm and zeal. Joe had heart aches just like everyone else but he seldom let circumstances get him down. He was a breath of fresh air.

I’ve had a lot of encouragement over the years. When I came to Danville in 1979 I attended the Pastor’s conference  and Bro. Mike Dawson was a real encouragement. I guess that I was a little needy at the time and when Mike left, I dropped out. I did not attend for years. Then one day, I got a call from Joe. He said, “Jack, we want you to preach for us.” I said, “Joe, that would not be right. I have not attended in a long time.” He said, “I know, we have taken that into consideration and we want you to preach anyway.” In a way, Joe got me back into the fold.

One golf story: we played in the preacher’s tournament at Quail Creek one Thursday and the 18 holes had my lower back tight and to be honest with you, I was give out and looking forward to getting back to the office. Joe was in his 80’s at the time and at lunch I said, “Joe, I bet your are tired, what are you going to do this evening.” He said, “I think J.B. and I will go to Arab and play a round or two there.”

I thought about organizing a special event and giving Joe and honorary Doctorate in the field of encouragement. We could have called it a  Phd. In Joy but it is one of those things that I never got around to doing.

Joe’s grandchildren played at the Celebration of Life Service. Jacob, who has played for us here at DBC, played the violin, one of his brothers played the piano and sisters played the flutes. Joe was proud of his kids and grandkids. Joe always said that he would live until Jesus returned and most us thought that he just might do it. His promotion was well deserved and it is a good time to exit this world.


Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss!

God’s word to Israel through Hosea the prophet was…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Can the lack of knowledge destroy a nation? According to God’s word, ignorance can be destructive. Sometimes ignorance is not bliss, it is destructive. James Moffatt translates Hosea 4:11 like this…This brings a senseless people to their ruin–liquor and lust deprive them of their wits. We live in a nations of witless people. We have forgotten fidelity, kindness, and knowledge of God. Lying is acceptable; in fact it is the norm. Our text books are filled with lies. We still teach evolution when there is not one shred of evidence to support it and all kinds of evidence that dispel it as a liberal myth. The media lies. Dan Rather got exposed for lying to the America public but he is not the only guilty propagandist. When you teach evolution, that we are accidents and no different from the animals then eventually animal behavior will be accepted. What do you do to a lame horse? You put it down. We suck a baby out of a mothers womb and shred the little person to pieces in the process and we call that “Choice”. I don’t think God calls it choice: Hosea’s term was murder and anyway you slice it, abortion is a bloody business. I don’t see a lot of difference between the Israel of Hosea’s day and the America of our day. We are destroying ourselves by our own bad choices.

Deuteronomy 32 is a very interesting chapter. Listen to Moses speaking to the Israelites who had a habit of making bad choices: “But they have acted corruptly toward him; when they act so perversely, are they really his children? They are a deceitful and twisted generation. Is this the way you repay the Lord, you foolish and senseless people?” Then drop down to verse 28-29…“For they are a nation lacking in counsel, And there is no understanding in them. “Would that they were wise, that they understood this, That they would discern their future!

Speaking of ignorance: can you give me one precedent where socialism has worked. It is working to some degree today because 47% of us are working and bearing the burden. In time, that number will shrink. Just a few years ago, it was 51%, now it is 47% and in a few years, it will be 40%. Socialism punishes the working class and over time it will destroy their incentive. The majority of people who voted for Obama want something for nothing. Most of them feel entitled. Many feel that the Government [tax payers] owes them a living. These poor stupid dupes do not have enough intellect or wit to understand that you cannot get something for nothing unless you steal. We do not go to Walmart and just pick up whatever we want and walk out. Hey, I know the Walton’s are filthy rich but that is beside the point: we cannot expect something for nothing. I understand that a lot of wealth in America has not be earned fair and square. Ross the idiot Perot made his millions by being buddies with Congressmen. He got his money from tax payers not for legitimate business. I am sorry folks but any entitlement comes from the pockets of tax payers. They are millions of rich Americans who have prospered from entitlements and its just a legal way to steal from the working class. In the last four years, members of Congress have seen their net worth increase 8% while the working class has seen their decrease 8%. It is simple math. Their 8% increase caused our 8% decrease.

Socialism and math do not geehaw [one of daddy’s words]; in other words, they cannot be reconciled.  For every gift, there must be a giver. If you live on welfare, there has to be some one paying  the taxes to provide that check that comes monthly. I do admit that some of the idiots that voted for Obama understand what I just said but there are some who do not get it. They think that the government is a separate entity which has billions of dollars in assets and if they need more, all they have to do is print it. These ignorant saps are beyond help. They remind me of an old guy who use to sit on the front porch of June’s uncle’s store in Salem. He would argue with anyone who would talk to him. He did not believe that man walked on the moon. He was convinced that the entire thing was a hoax. Folks, you don’t waste time with idiots. You are not going to change their minds. They have too little mind to change. Yet there are millions of people who voted for Obama and they did not know what the hades they were doing. Take the Hispanics for instance. They have cut off their nose to spite their face. I don’t think they are stupid and I know that most of them are hard workers but they are ignorant of what they have done. They will see the light in the next 8 years. They say the year 2020 is the year that our debt sinks us. We’ve been in recession for the last four years and we are headed for depression.  Everything is going to increase except your income.

Obama-Don’t-Care is free! Obama care doesn’t cost anything, right? Give me a break. Everything cost something! The only thing free is Salvation in Christ. Let me rephrase what I just said, “Everything cost someone something!” Obama care will provide health services to the homeless, illegal aliens, drug users, convicts, dead beats and whoever. How is he going to cover the cost? [1] He has already robbed medicare of over 600 billion dollars. Obama care is the first step toward euthanasia. There will be a cut off for medical services. No specific age has been announced but someone has to pay and the older folks are going to be among those who will be sacrificed. [2] Doctors are going to be forced to work without pay. This is not going to be good. Some will retire, others will move to a new environment. The end result will be that we have fewer doctors and the quality of care will go down. The billionaires will not suffer. They will fly to another county and get their care. Folks, this SOMETHING FOR NOTHING IS A MYTH.

Several responsibilites should have never been given to the federal government. Everything that they have dabbled into that was not specified in the constitution, they have filed up. They can’t run the postal system, what makes you think they can provide health care. The federal government has no business in Health, Welfare or Education. These responsibilities were given to the various States but thanks to Mr. Lincoln, the sovereignty of the states has been eradicated. Just as you trace the fall of Judah back to Solomon, we will be able to trace the fall of our Republic back to the first so-called Republican.

We did not lose our sovereignty and our identity because of our vote. The South had nothing to do with Lincoln, we simply got out voted and we had nothing to do with Obama care. We would be far better off today if we did not have to live under the tyranny of the Northeast. They seem determined to force things on us that we do not want. They put evolution in our textbooks and you can find a dozen teachers in Morgan County who are stupid enough to believe evolution yet we have to teach it because it is mandated by the Federal Government. You can only put so much on a wagon or a truck. You can’t just keep piling it on; sooner or later there is going to be a break down. It is simple math.

What do the pictures have in common; A ship, donkeys, a truck and a man? They can all carry only so much. Too much cargo will sink a ship. Too much weight will break the donkey’s back. The truck also has a capacity. You cannot put 40 tons on a 2 ton truck. A man can only bear so much. You cannot keep adding taxes to the working class. We cannot bear the burden. Sooner or later the system will collapse. It is simply math but democrats don’t do math. Math is exact and they are not very exact. They prefer smoke and mirrors. Let it be known: America will pay a high price for her ignorance.

Four More Years

My first response to last nights results is that we are a nation of idiots. When you look at the election map you can see where the problem lies, Northeast and West coast mainly. I think there are several things that come in to play.

  1. The working class has become the minority. The entitlement class has a clear-cut 47% and they all vote the same way because they are afraid that they will lose their entitlement. There are enough idiots, Hollywooders, Rock Stars, Media Elites and etc. to push them over the top.
  2. The second problem is Yankee Liberalism. Patrick Henry fears the dominance of the North and believed that some day it would create a problem for the South. Once again, the South [Bible Belt and core of conservatism] is forced to swallow a bitter pill. You can say what ever you like but all you have to do is look at the map: the Yankee’s did it to us again. The only reason that Florida is close is because of the relocated and retired Yankee’s and Jews.
  3. Democrats, Jews, Blacks and Hispanics are dupes. They don’t vote with the head, they vote from the pocket-book. All this black outrage over Obama’s acceptance of gay marriage by Black preachers was just a lot of talk. We hoped they would stay at home because we knew they would never be able to vote for a Republican. The propaganda and brain washing has been going on too long. They have drunk from the party punch bowl for so long that they sing the party song. There are some exceptions of course but for the most part, they are not informed nor intelligent voters. But I admit that minorities do not have a corner on stupidity; I have talked to a lot of stupid white folks who are avid Obama supporters.

My forecast and it is not good:

  1. Gas prices will continue to increase. Go back and look at my forecast from 4 years ago and see if I did not predict gas prices being $5 per gallon before his first term was over and I was right. It has been over $5 in the Flake State for some time. It will be $5 here before these four years are over.
  2. OBAMA-DON’T CARE  is the first step toward euthanasia. I talked with a very reliable source [a Doctor] who has studied OBAMA DONT CARE and he assured me that it is not good for Seniors who probably voted for the man in mass. They have sealed their own fate. You haven’t seen OBAMA CARE in action yet and when you see it, you are not going to like it. Everyone one below a certain age is going to get health care, money or not. The drug users, the homeless, illegal aliens will all get health care while older Americans will be denied. You will see this in the next four years. Seniors are not going to like it but they will not be able to do anything to stop it. O yes, there will be exceptions. The elites will have good health care. Are you among the elites: I’m not.
  3. Barrack Insane Obama is not Presidential material, he is more of a con-artist than anything else. He is certainly not an economist or a business man. He has no idea, not even the slightest inclination of how to  solve our nations economic problems which are only going to get worse in the next four years. You think recession is bad: what to you see depression. We deserve it as a whole. I can’t wait for those Yankee Liberals to start complaining. I will be the first to tell them…You got what you voted for; now shut up and take it like a man. This man is going to spend us in to oblivion. He is digging a hole that we are not going to be able to crawl out of: he is an economic disaster. Working class of American: get ready to see everything go up except your income: your taxes will go up, groceries will go up, gas will go up.
  4. When the economic disaster reaches epic proportions, Obama and the media will blame it on Bush and the Republicans and the stupid dupes will believe them and run around like a bunch of mindless parrots repeating the media mantra.
  5. I am for succession and have been for a long time. These Yankee’s are killing us. We don’t need them. The South helped to elect one of the most incompetent presidents in history. If not for Obama, he would rank first in incompetence. But we knew within a year that we had made a mistake and we helped get him out. Then we had 8 of the best years this country has ever enjoyed. Then came slick Willy and thanks to the idiot Ross Perot, Willy goes to Washington. We were shocked. We knew what slick Willy was because he flaunted his immorality. He was elected twice without every getting the majority of votes. Most of us were outraged that the country would give him four more years when he was openly immoral and irresponsible on National Defense. The BOTTOM LINE is that our county has changed. Culturally we are not the same county. Government education has destroyed our appreciation for our founding fathers and the constitution. We have been teaching propaganda for so long that the lie has become  accepted as truth. Perception is reality: that is their mantra and you have to give the credit–they are very good at lying and convincing others to believe the lie. I have news for the democrats and for the Obama folks: you cannot change truth and in the end it will triumph.

I am what I am and I make no apologies. No one wants to be wrong more than myself. I hope every prediction above is wrong. I hope that for my kids and grandkids sake. I attended a Celebration of Life Service last week of a pastor/preacher and basically, they said “He was loved by all and didn’t have an enemy.” I left shuttering…I would be very upset if Bro. Tim stood over my body and said something similar. I am a pastor preacher and not very gifted in evangelism or anything else for that matter but I am more of a prophet than anything else. I’m not a prophet in terms of being able to predict the future but in terms of temperament and nature. I am not popular. I say things that people do not like. I am not and will never be politically correct. I refuse to let the world press me into their political correct mold. I know what people think…they think my speaking out only creates problems for myself and in fact, makes no difference. Well folks, it makes a difference to me and one of the reasons we are in this mess is that we have too many preachers who stay within the bounds of political correctness. They are more successful than I, more popular in every way but like Job, I will cling to my integrity, what little I have because it means more to me than success. Long story short, I will probably be in jail somewhere within the next four years. My greatest fear is that they will put me in the cell with a funny guy if you know what I mean. I give up on success a long time ago: pray for me that I will be faithful and not deny the truth I have preached. Death does not frighten me as much as dishonor and disobedience.

Amendments November 6 Election

Amendment #1–Extends payments to FOREVER WILD LAND TRUST for 20 years.
Amendment #2–Allows the State to issue general obligation bonds, as long as the aggregate [combined or accumulative] principal amount of the bonds is not more than $750
Amendment #3–Relates to Baldwin County
Amendment #4–Removes racist language from the State Constitution by repealing portions on separation of schools by race or poll tax.
Amendment #5–Provides for transfer of assets and liabilities from the Water Works to the Water and Sewer Board of Mobile. [Does not affect us]
Amendment #6–Prohibits mandated health care for any person, employee or health care provider.
Amendment 7#–Provides for right of individuals to vote for public office and referendums by secret ballot as fundamental.
Amendment #8–Repeals current provisions for legislative compensation and times legislative pay to the median household income in Alabama while requiring legislators to submit signed vouchers for reimbursements and prohibiting the legislature from increasing compensation.
Amendment #9–Enables clean-up of Article 12 of the State Constitution by giving authority to the legislature to pass general law pertaining to corporations and entities and replaces outdated provisions concerning private corporations, railroads and canals. Revises the Constitution by using the article-by-article method.
Amendment #10–Revises and recompiles the sections of the constitution concerning banks and banking. Prohibits the State from becoming a stock holder in any bank or banking corporation. Keeps the State of the banking business.
Amendment #11–Relates to Lawrence County. Prohibits any outside municipality from imposing any tax, zoning, planning or other ordinances on Lawrence County.

The summaries came from ALFA’s Friend and Family Magazine. I hope they are helpful. I emailed Arthur but he has not responded to this point: if he does, I will run that for you also.

In Memory of Jack Maddox

Jack E. Maddox

March 20, 1928-October 14, 2012

My friend and neighbor, Mr. Jack Maddox was promoted on the night of October 14. I had just gotten home from the service at Sardis Springs when I got the call. Jack’s dad was Atticus Golson Maddox and his mother was Gladys Ann Breedlove Maddox. Mr. Jack served three yeas in the U.S. Air Force, was District Two Commissioner for three terms and was also a farmer and cattleman. He loved working with livestock. Mr. Jack epitomized enthusiasm and zest. He enjoyed life and he loved people. I was honored to get to say a few words at his grave side but there is a lot more I want to say.

It amazes me: there are folks that despise me and I don’t even know why but the greater enigma is the fact that some people love me and treat me with kindness and respect. I have no idea why Jack and Eloise Maddox been so good to me but they have always treated me with he utmost respect. What is strange is that they are not members of DBC. They are members and were faithful attendees of Neel United Methodist church as long as they was able. I was never Jack’s pastor but that was no problem for he or myself. We hit it off from day one. Jack was a hard worker and we had a lot in common. Jack would take a nap now and then during a sermon and he told me one day, “I like the way you preach preacher.” It’s hard for me to doze off when you are preaching. About the time I get comfortable, you hollow.” We both had a good laugh over that subject.  I got to speak at Neel Methodist one Sunday morning and I am pretty sure that Jack had something to do with me being invited. He also inspired our last area wide Tent Revival at the High School. I saw him somewhere and he said, “Preacher, I really enjoyed that Tent Meeting at the high school, why don’t we do that again?” With Jack’s prompting, we did do it again.

Bro. Jack had a farming accident back in 1959. He got one of his arms caught in a corn picker and the arm was torn badly. He went to the old Pineview Hospital in Hartselle. I think Dr. Block was his physician. He tried to save Jack’s hand but gangrene set in and they had to amputate just below the elbow. Most folks would have been devastated but Jack bounced back like a rubber ball. He got knocked to the mat but he would not stay down. Jack Maddox was resilent.  The accident happened in September right in the middle of the harvest. Jack was in the hospital for 24 days. There was corn to pick and cotton also. John Tanner [who else] put a team together and they came and harvested Jack’s corn and did his first picking on his cotton. The money was enough to pay all Jack’s medical expense and get he and Mrs. Eloise through the winter. Annette, the first-born came shortly after Jack’s accident. Dr. Block told Mrs. Eloise, “I though there for a while that you and Jack both were going to be in the hospital at the same time.” Jack did not sign up for welfare or disability. It was not long until folks realized that he had no disability. Bro. Harold Thompson, who did Jack’s service and was his pastor for 12 years, said: “When Jack showed up for a work day, he did more work than anyone. I first thought he had a disability but I soon realized that Jack could out work all of us.”

Jack and Eloise have two very sweet daughters: Annette and Jan. Annette’s in laws are retired IMB Missionaries. They were stationed in Nigeria. I visited their home in Lagos back in 1986. Annette and family live in Huntsville and are members of the Southside Baptist Church. Jan lives near Nashville. Both of these girls were faithful in helping their mom care for their Dad. Jan sang at Jack’s service and Annette played the piano. It made the service very special. Jan has the voice of an angel and both girls are a lot like their mom, sweet as the day is long.

 Annette’s husband Jim is not in the picture but he is present: he was busy at the time of the photo. Annette is to the left of her mom and Jan to the right. Jan’s husband Larry is to her right. Jan’s son Jim is standing just behind her and Annette and Jim’s children or to the left: Jonathan and Hannah. I reckon all Hannah’s are beautiful. I told Hannah the day of the service that I would not forget her name and I didn’t. Not only are these girls [Jan and Annette] a class act; their husbands and children are also. What a legacy Jack left! This is a great family. I have had some honors bestowed on me in my life time but being ask to serve as a pallbear with the grandsons and son in laws ranks right up there at the top.  Mrs. Eloise ask Terry and Gerry Cole and myself to sit with the family. This has happened to me  only once before; it is rare but this is a rare family. I was indeed honored. The flag that Mrs. Eloise is holding was presented to her by the U.S. Air Force of which Jack was a veteran.

Bro. Jack was promoted the same week as one of my early employers and life time mentor James M. Newby. I had just gotten home from Mr. James Celebration of life service when I got the call about Jack. Although these two families do not know each other, there are a lot of similarities. I have never been the pastor of either family and yet both families have been incredibly kind to the Bailey’s and the fact that I got to help with both Celebrations of Life Services created an enduring memory for me. I do see how I can experience another week to its equal. Mrs. Eloise Maddox, so much like Mrs. Martha Newby, is so sweet and kind. I have never been in her home that she did not make me feel like a million dollars. I have been loved by some extraordinary people and I am blessed beyond my ability to articulate. I feel extremely blessed to have known Jack Maddox and it will be my privilege to continue to visit Mrs. Eloise. She is a blessing and I love her. The last time I was by, she gave me one of Bro. Jack’s pocket knives. She is a generous and kind woman and she reads the blog everyday.

Workers Turned Away Because They Are Not Union

Utility workers from North Alabama traveled two days to the Northeast to help restore power only to be turned away and sent back to Alabama because they are not union. How pathetic can you get. Millions of people are out of power and the good folks from Alabama are shunned because they are not Union. Where is the president on this? Better question, where is the media? This is an incredible story. Since when did one have to be a member of the Union to aid in disaster relief?