Do Wear Out Your Welcome

Everyone knows Charles Dickens the famous British writer [1812-1870] but what they don’t know  is that Hans Christian Andersen was one of his many admirers. Andersen was of questionable birth. He grandmother claimed nobility but the rumors where that Hans had a noble father who later help pay for his schooling. Hans tried acting and singing but was finally told in a jest to try poetry. He was having a hard time getting established as a writer when he got an opportunity to visit England and meet Charles Dickens who spent about 5 minutes with the young writer. Dickens was very nice and Hans longed for the day when he could meet him again. Some time later he did get an invite to the Dickens home but Hans made the mistake of camping out. He stayed their five long weeks according to Mrs. Dickens. They thought he would never leave. As soon as Hans returned to his homeland Denmark, he proceeded to correspond with Dickens but Dickens never returned his mail. This always puzzled Andersen. Hans Christian Andersen in time became a famous author. He wrote basically children’s fiction.

The moral of the story is simple: “Don’t wear out your welcome.” Do not take advantage of a person’s kindness. Remember, you want people to be more excited about you entering the room than in leaving. As Chuck Swindoll says, “Some people can stay longer in an hour than other can in days”. Never assume that your company is a blessing. I have a friend who runs a business and he has this sign in his office…”Some make me happy when they come in…others when they go out.”

Could We Get Roseanne Barr to Boycott DBC

Truett Cathy

Today is August 1, 2012 and we are a little more than a week into the Hollywood/New England Liberals boycott of Chick-Fil-A. They are boycotting because Truitt Cathy the founder and principle owner of Chick-Fil-A made a statement in support of biblical marriage as being between a man and a woman: Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Hollywood went nuts and Roseanne Barr who is a disgrace to the female race came out with a very radical statement– “I hope everyone that eats Chick-Fil-A get cancer” and now Chick-Fil-A’s business is booming. There are long lines at every store in the South. Now the Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Boston Mayor do not want Chick-Fil-A in their State. Who cares! Truett Cathy doesn’t need those liberal yankees; he has a 4 billion dollar business now. What do those morons think they can accomplish by keeping a store out of Boston. Hey, he has 1600 others across these United States.

I am sitting in my office today getting phone calls and text messages from friends across North Alabama about the long lines at Chick-Fil-A and I am thinking…Is there anyway that we can get Roseanne Barr to announce a boycott against Danville Baptist Church. This fat heifer could initiate  a great revival in church attendance just by telling everyone that “She hopes they get cancer if they go to church.” We have folks that haven’t been back since they joined that would probably come if Roseanne told the not to. You know how Baptist are: you do not tell a Baptist that he cannot pray, witness or attend worship. If you just leave a Baptist alone, he will not do any of those things but if you tell him that he cannot do them, he will do them or die.  I can see it now: we would have to go to six services every Sunday–8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00. Joe David could preach three and I could preach three. I guarantee you it would work. We just need to get Roseanne and Hollywood to boycott our churches. The sad thing is that we have been so timid and silent on the moral issues that we don’t even draw their fire.

I don’t wish cancer on Roseanne or any of her Hollywood cronies. I do not wish that all Yankee Liberals would burn in hell. I do wish they would  all see the light and I pray that they do. We would have a much greater country if we could just stop killing the unborn and get back to traditional and biblical values. We need revival in America. As Doug sings, “The Only Hope For America Is Jesus.”