October Baby

This review comes from Dr. James Dobson’s web site pluggedub.com

It is a pro-life movie with no bad language and the only place it can be seen locally is in Huntsville. Theaters and in Decatur and Cullman would not show the movie because it has a strong pro-life message. It is coming to Bridge Street in Huntsville. Check with Joe David for more information. We need to support this movie. I’d love to see it become a box office smash so be sure and pass the word. No bad language and no violence. For the full review click on this link http://search.pluggedin.com/movies/intheaters/october-baby.aspx

We begin with college freshman Hannah Lawson collapsing onstage. But that’s not what happens first.

Hannah has been battling a host of physical problems for years—including epileptic seizures and asthma. She’s had multiple surgeries on her malformed hips. But she thought she’d beaten all that. She’s a budding actress, and she’s landed the lead role in her college’s spring production.

Her collapse makes it clear that her past still haunts her. And not just physically. “I feel dead inside,” she confesses in her journal. “I have so many unanswered questions. … Something is missing. Why, God, do I feel unwanted? Why do I feel I have no right to exist?”

And so her parents decide it’s time tell her the truth: Not only was Hannah adopted, but she was born prematurely at 24 weeks. There’s more. Hannah’s birth was itself the unexpected outcome of a “failed” abortion. As for her myriad chronic ailments, well, all of them are tied to that trauma.

The news rocks Hannah’s identity even as it begins, perhaps, to explain why she feels so hollow. But now she wants to know more. Who was her birth mother? Hannah wonders. And why didn’t she want me?

Hannah asks to see her birth certificate. Dad, who’s struggling mightily to let his beloved daughter grow up, says no. But Mom relents, and Hannah learns that she was born in Mobile, Ala., some 12 hours away. She can’t help but wonder if other clues about her past might be unearthed if she could just get there.

Time for a road trip. Against her father’s wishes, she tags along with lifelong friend Jason, his girlfriend, Alanna, and a few other college friends who are headed south for spring break. She’s determined to uncover her own secrets. To soothe her own pain. She dares not even think about self-acceptance or forgiveness.


There is no good definition of ‘liberalism’ but keep in mind that is the antithesis of conservatism. The only time that I find it in an acceptable context is in the area of giving. It is the one area where the great majority of liberals are not liberal. The Kennedy’s never gave millions to the poor, their idea was to take money from the tax payers and give that to the poor. I think this is typical liberal behavior. A conservative want to hallow, guard, protect and preserve the things that are fundamentally sound, the things that work where as the liberals want to try something new, something theoretical. Liberals are not concerned about real history, it doesn’t favor them so they have taken it upon themselves, at least the ones here in the USA, to rewrite history so that it does favor their cause or agenda. Why are kids in public schools taught from kindergarten that we live in a democracy? Why do we teach them that George Washington was average at best and unfaithful to his wife and that Lincoln saved the Union. Of course the real “Great President” was John F. Kennedy, never mind that he had multiple affairs, that only applies to conservatives. The liberals believe that perception is reality and all they have to do to change reality is change the public perception. This is not new, it may not have started with Woodrow Wilson but it came to the surface when he was president. He was very unsuccessful but they didn’t throw in the towel, they made huge strides in the 1930 with the likes of John Dewey. I cannot say for sure when they got control of the school circulum but it had to be in the 40’s or 50’s because I was never taught in a public school that we live in a REPUBLIC. Every teacher I had idolized Abraham Lincoln and not one of them ever mentioned his total disregard for the CONSTITUTION or the Sovereignty of the States. Lincoln sacrifice 620 thousand lives to ensure the power of federalism, the very thing that our founding fathers feared most. Practically every problem we face today can be traced back to Lincoln. When the 13 American colonies united together, it was for one purpose, to defend themselves against the enemy. Every State that joined the union did so out of freedom and there is nothing in the Constitution that forbids them from suceeding. Had that been true, they would never have joined in the first place. West Virginia is an illegal State. If the constitution had been followed, it would not exist. In terms of nobility, Robert E. Lee was ten times the man of Lincoln but he is villianized and Lincoln is idolized. Robert E. Lee said that the Civil War was not over slavery. Do you believe him or liberal text books who have basically rewritten American History. By the way, slavery is not a racial issue, it is a moral issue. Slavery at one time or another has effected every ethnic group on the planet. The Jews were slaves in Egypt. Furthermore, if liberals want to do something about slavery, why don’t they stop what is going on in the Sudan? I am rambling, let me get to the point.

  1. LIBERALS ARE IDEOLOGS: they are trying to implement a pipe dream. I think they may have gotten the dream while they were smoking heroin or crack. They have these utopia visions of a heaven here on earth but of course their heaven does not include Jesus. It doesn’t even include the Ten Commandments. In other words, these mentally challenged morons are willing to destroy a perfectly good constitution and a sound republic so they can replace it with a “Social Democracy” which by the way has never worked. Of course it will be different this time with brilliant minds like Barrack and Michelle leading the new revolution. You see Obama is more intelligent than Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and the likes. The constitution is antiquated and besides it mentions nothing about the injustice of slavery. It doesn’t mention Abortion either but that doesn’t make it a bad constitution.

  2. LIBERALS ARE INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST or in Clinton’s case, totally dishonest. First of all, they rant and rave about the poor but they give practically nothing to charity or to the poor. They are totally against an form of “Intolerance”. Christians, we must tolerate baby killing, homosexuality, etc. but they [Liberals] are totally intolerant of us. Adrian Rogers use to say, “The only sin to a liberal is to call sin a sin.” Liberals despise people like me. Folks like me don’t stand a chance in a liberal world…I am from the South, I am a homophobe, I believe the Bible, I think Jesus is the answer, that abortion is murder and that they are wrong. Where will I fit in? I’ll tell you where they will put me–in prison.

  3. LIBERALS ARE IMMORAL. Not only do they believe that they can change reality by changing perception, they think that they can write their own version of the commandments. When Eve was standing there by the tree chatting with you know who, her temptation was not to have sex with the devil, he has no capacity for such. He tempted her to make her own decisions about right and wrong without God’s interference. Basically, he said to Eve, “You don’t need God to tell you right from wrong. You are intelligent. You can decide for yourself.” The modern liberal has followed Eve. They don’t need God telling them what is right or wrong. They are capable of deciding for themselves. Yeah right, they are as full of stuffing as a Christmas Turkey. A lie is not a lie to a liberal. It is not even a bad thing so long as the goal is achieved. The MEDIA which is controlled by liberals is one big PROPAGANDA machine. Let me tell you how to detect when they are lying, when they open their mouth.

  4. LIBERALS ARE IDIOTS. I have tried to be nice but I don’t know any other way to say it–liberals are not that intelligent. Poor old Jimmy Carter is just an idiot. He actually believes that liberalism will work. He really thinks that you can put a pot-smoking, beer-drinking, check-drawing, church-hating red neck in a new house and his life will be radically changed. Suddenly, he is going to have a desire to give up his pot, get off his butt and mow a yard or paint the trim. Give me a break Jimmy! Will you idiots wake up and smell the bitter weeds. He don’t want a house to keep up, he doesn’t want a yard to mow and he doesn’t want a job if he can get by without one. He wants his life style Jimmy. By the way, thank you Jimmy for Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Thanks to you everyone’s house is worth 30% less than it was 10 years ago. I am not that intelligent but I would like to debate Al Gore on national TV. This is the man who said, “Our planet has a fever”. First of all Al with the brains of a bird, it is not “Our” planet. The earth is the LORD’s Al and it doesn’t not have a fever. How did this boy graduate Harvard? I can think of only two ways: His dad bought them off or he cheated. What about Joe Biden, he would make a good poster boy for Liberal Intellectualism.

  5. Hey, I am enjoying this a little too much. The main point is that LIBERALISM IS DESTRUCTIVE. It will destroy a nation in a heartbeat. Liberalism does not work in government or church. It destroys the framework and the fabric that holds everything together. It literally breaks my heart that people don’t understand what is going on. The democrats are trying to destroy the constitution which is our foundation. Once they achieve their goal, we are going to see a mess. Liberals don’t believe in guns but they do believe in revolution and they think that they have something better than our present constitution. Go back and read the history of the FRENCH REVOLUTION and see if they got something better. They got a reign of terror. Our forefathers did not want a king or a dictator because they are prone to tyranny. I would not even want Washington, Jefferson, Adams or Reagan to be our dictator and they were good men. How would you like to live under the tyranny of an Obama or the Stupidity of a Carter or the incompetence of a Biden or Gore. Thank you very much but I am in favor of conserving the REPUBLIC and I pray with all my heart that the American people make the right decision this fall. I have to be honest, I am worried. This man should never have been elected in the first place.


You know the definition of a dilemma; it’s when a liberal sees an endangered animal eating an endangered plant. This years Republican Primary has presented a dilemma to me. I am in a quandary. I don’t really know what to do.Who should be our president? People of common sense know who to vote for in the General election but who do we vote for in the Republican Primary. One thing is certain, well fairly certain, any one of the three Republicans will be better than Obama. I was talking with a good friend just last week. He is a very intelligent man and well read. We agreed that if you rated the Presidents, that three in our life time would rank in the bottom five as the all time worse. Carter, Clinton and Obama would certainly be in the bottom five. My friend said [and I agree] that Clinton would not be on the bottom and I don’t like Clinton. Clinton is a hedonist but Carter is just plain stupid and Obama is a radical. I haven’t decided it he muslim or communist but he is not a Christian and he is not a patriot. We have to get him out. I believe the future of our nation depends on it.
 I think Newt is the most qualified to get us out of the mess we are in [if that is possible]. He is smart and he knows politics as well as any. He can stay ahead of the lamestream media and there is no question that he can out debate Obama with half of his brain tied behind his back. But I am afraid that Newt cannot win the primary.
I like Rick Santorum. He seems like a good guy. I like his speeches and it appears that he is the most conservative of the three but what will the media do to him: can they Quayle him? I am afraid that they can and will. Obama and his propaganda machine have been gathering data on the Republican candidates for over a year and Obama basically has control of the media. Through MEDIA MATTERS he actually scripts PMSNBC and he control the subject content of NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. He will use all of these outlets and more to Quayle Santorum. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans watch TV and many rely on TV for information. Little do they know that the information is propaganda. Obama is style over substance [perception is reality] and the American people have bought it, hook, line and sinker.
Romney is a business man who I like. Our Government needs to be managed like a business and it has not which is why we are head over heels in debt. We need a good businessman in Washington and someone from outside Washington. I distrust politicians. Instead of getting us out of the mess, they keep digging a deeper hole. Romney would not be my first choice but I would vote for him over Obama in less than a heart beat and he would not be as poor of a candidate as John Wayne McCain. I think Romney can win in the Fall. I think they will go after him but I don’t think they can Quayle him. When people came to me and ask my advice about the primary, I had to be honest and tell them that I didn’t know who to support in the primary but I can support either of the three this Fall.
To be honest, I am disgusted with the REPUBLICAN PARTY as a whole. They are not aggressive. They are not talking about the real issues. They have even allowed Obama to frame the debate. This election is not about contraception or church and state. This is about saving the REPUBLIC. You do know that we live in a REPUBLIC. America was not founded as a democracy; that had been tried and it failed. I know that public education has been trying to brain wash us for years and tell us that we live in a democracy but that is a lie. The democrats are trying to destroy the REPUBLIC and to do so they have to destroy the CONSTITUTION which is the heart and soul of the REPUBLIC. This election is about our future. Gas prices are an issue that these weak-minded republicans ought to be talking about but the biggest issue is the survival of the REPUBLIC.
One of my greatest fears is that Obama is just waiting on an excuse to betray Israel. If he does that folks, the U.S. is all but history. I think there is a lot more at stake this Fall than people realize. To be very frank with you, if he were an American citizen, my choice for president would be Benjamin Netanyahu. He has intelligence, courage and resolve. I am not sure that the Republicans have anyone his equal. We all know that the democrats are nothing but left wing radicals and they offer no hope to any hard-working, tax-paying, God-fearing American. I’m sure you have heard my joke about the discovery that Christopher Columbus was a democrat. When he set sail, he did not know where he was going. When he got there, he did not know where he was at and the government [tax payers] paid for the entire trip. I don’t mean to sound callous, but I am not concerned about 400 years from now. I say drill for oil here in the US and do it now. We have an oil based economy. Get fuel prices down and everything else will work itself back into place. It is not rocket science: it is common sense. These green freaks are left-wing nut-jobs. We have to drill for oil, stop regulating small business to death, stop raising revenue by punishing those who are trying [DOT tax collectors], stop raising taxes period. We need to shut down over half of Washington. We do not need a department of Education or Welfare. The several States can handle those issues. The federal government took over Education and Welfare so they could mandate racial quota’s and we are beyond a need for such. Close them down and get the IRS in the process. Patrick Henry hated federalism for this reason, it absorbs the identity of the States. We want Alabama to be different. If I wanted to live in New York, I would move there. The federal government is trying to make us all the same. I sure would enjoy seeing a great reversal.